How to Reset Your How-to Geek Trivia Score (and Feel Less Dumb)

My co-worker Jason is a jerk. Don’t get me wrong: I’m a big fan of his work and he’s probably the most agreeable person I could even hope to work with. But his trivia questions constantly make me feel like a moron. Even worse, the site keeps track of my failure, constantly reminding me of how many questions I’ve gotten wrong.

How to Sync Your Clipboard Between Windows and macOS

Ever wish you could copy something on one computer, then paste it on another? Synced clipboards are becoming common: you can sync your clipboard between macOS Sierra and iOS 10, for example, without any third party software. Pushbullet allows you to sync your Windows clipboard to Android (along with other features.)

How to Get an RSS Feed For Any Subreddit

Reddit is terrible, but some individual subreddits are great. If you’d like to keep track of particular communities, but never want to open reddit dot com in a tab ever again, RSS feeds can get the job done.

How to Reset Your MacBook’s Touch Bar When It Gets Stuck

It’s rare, but every once and a while your MacBook’s Touch Bar can get stuck, showing you only one set of buttons and not responding to touch. For me it was displaying the “Unlock With TouchID” message long after I logged in, but it’s hypothetically possible for this to happen while running any application.

How to Find or Create an RSS Feed for Any Website

If you’re still a dedicated RSS user, you’ve no doubt noticed some sites no longer go out of their way to cater to you. Where once an RSS logo would be prominently displayed, now it’s nowhere to be found. How are you supposed to find RSS feeds?

How to Disable Window Transparency in macOS

There are a lot of transparency effects in macOS these days. You can see it twice in the Finder window above: the colors from the desktop wallpaper show through the left sidebar, and the pictures I’m scrolling past bleed through the top of the window. You can even see this while scrolling.