How to Rotate a Video On Your Mac

So you accidentally made a vertical video. Annoying, especially when the footage itself is clearly supposed to be horizontal. What’s a well-meaning videographer to do?

You Can Probably Get Free Access From Your Local Library

Maybe you’ve heard of, a popular website with thousands of tutorial videos teaching computer skills like programming, web design, and how to use almost any software you can think of. It’s a great service, but it’s not cheap: subscriptions start at around $20 a month, and can cost as much as $30 a month if you want offline access to the videos.

How to Disable Apple’s Backwards “Natural Scrolling” On Your Mac

Confused as to why your Mac scrolls up when you drag your fingers down on the trackpad?  Apple calls this “Natural Scrolling,” and the idea is to make scrolling work like it does on touch screens. On the iPhone, you drag content up and down with your fingers. This is intuitive on a touchscreen, and Apple wanted Macs to be consistent with those same gestures.

What Is Taking Up That “Other” Storage in macOS?

Your Mac can tell you what’s taking up space on your hard drive…but it isn’t very detailed. Click the Apple at the top-right of your screen, then click “About This Mac,” and the “Storage” tab gives you a visual overview like the one above. But for many users, particularly those with multiple hard drives, the “Other” category is comically large.

How to Use “Hey Siri” to Launch Siri on Your Mac

Siri is finally on the Mac, but unlike the iPhone version, you can’t launch the virtual assistant with your voice. Sure, there are dock and menu bar icons to click, and you can set a keyboard shortcut, but  you can’t just say “Hey Siri” to start giving commands.

Don’t Be Fooled: The Mac App Store Is Full of Scams

You love technology, but not everyone does. For many people computers are confusing, even scary. Malevolent actors know this, and try to deliberately trick people online. From ads that look like download buttons to ransomware pop-ups, the web is full of deception-based design, intended to take advantage of the less technically inclined.

How to Use wget, the Ultimate Command Line Downloading Tool

Newer isn’t always better, and the wget command is proof. First released back in 1996, this application is still one of the best download managers on the planet. Whether you want to download a single file, an entire folder, or even mirror an entire website, wget lets you do it with just a few keystrokes.