How to Use Cakebrew, the Beautiful Homebrew GUI For Your Mac

Homebrew makes it easy for Mac users to install command line tools, so it’s only logical that it runs entirely from the command line. But that doesn’t mean having access to a graphical user interface isn’t handy from time to time. Cakebrew is a free Homebirew GUI that makes overseeing your setup just a bit easier.

Public Transit Doesn’t Have to Be Confusing: Just Use These Apps

Public transit is intimidating. Working out the schedules, stops, and the rest can feel like a big job, especially if you’re new to a city or just visiting for a week. But catching a ride doesn’t have to be complicated. With the right apps, you can look up directions, work out connections, and know when the next bus is coming, all at a glance.

Automatically Close (or Hide) Idle Applications on Your Mac with Quitter

Be honest: you’re reading this instead of working, right? I’m thankful, because that’s how I make my living, but for your sake you should really try to focus. It’s too easy to quickly open Twitter or IM for “just one minute”, especially when they’re sitting open in the background. Quitter is a Mac app that can help.

How to Read and Respond to Android Notifications On Your Mac

Smartphones have quickly become our personal hubs for all notifications, text messages, and other important things–but who wants to type on a tiny keyboard all the time? With this free Mac app you can see all your Android notifications on your Mac, and even respond to them right from the notification itself.

How to Add a Middle Click to Your Mac’s Trackpad

On basically every mouse, the scroll wheel can be clicked to perform what’s called a “middle click”, and it’s incredibly useful while browsing the web. You can middle-click any link to open it in the background, or middle-click any tab to close it. It’s one of those things that are hard to live without once you discover them.